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Tamworth Veterinary Hospital

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Mon - Fri 8:30am-5:30pm
Saturday 8:30am-12 noon
Sunday Closed
Consultations by appointment.
24-hour emergency service available. Please telephone the hospital and listen to the recorded message which will put you in touch with the veterinarian on duty.

Tamworth Veterinary Hospital - Opening Hours



The recent rains both here and on the coast have meant a massive increase in the midge and mosquito population and this increases the risk of Three Day Sickness invading inland areas such as Tamworth. This could have a dramatic impact on cattle here as the levels of immunity would be quite low as it has been some years since the last major outbreak. It would be worth considering vaccination as a safe guard against this very debilitating (and sometimes fatal) viral disease - even if only the bulls and older, heavier cows are done. Talk to us about the vaccine which can provide reasonable immunity within a 3-4 week time frame. See the DPI link below (copy and paste into your browser) and an article under the "Animal Care and Information" tab for further information about this disease.


Tamworth Veterinary Hospital is fully air conditioned and possesses modern diagnostic equipment such as digital X-ray, ECG, ultrasound, video endoscopy plus an in-house pathology laboratory for quick haematology, biochemistry, endocrine and bacteriological results to help treat your pets and farm animals.


Pet food and other veterinary merchandise Treatment / consulting room Surgery room


We have excellent veterinary surgical (including sophisticated orthopaedic equipment plus video arthroscopy) and intensive care facilities and the latest in safe anaesthetic procedures and monitoring. Coupled with the caring dedication provided by our experienced vets, you can be assured that your pet will be in great hands.

All of the veterinarians have a vehicle for ambulatory attendence of large animals and our mobile X-ray, ultrasound and surgical equipment enables us to perform most procedures in the field. Our new Porta Safe Stocks allow us to safely examine and treat horses at your place - dentals, mare scanning, x-rays, standing surgery, ultrasonic examinations etc

Map to the Tamworth Veterinary HospitalThe Tamworth Veterinary Hospital is situated on the roundabout at the corner of Brisbane St and Carthage St, East Tamworth. View The Tamworth Vet Online Shop.

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