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Pet Health Insurance

Pet Health Insurance Schemes

Tamworth Veterinary Hospital does not endorse any particular Pet Health Insurance plan, nor do we receive any commission when clients join - we merely feel that good health insurance for your pet gives you the peace of mind in the event of a major illness or accident that you will not be financially compromised when it comes to deciding on treatment options.

Check out the web sites below to compare the types of cover and premiums offered.

Vets Own Pet Health Insurance

Web address:

Phone: 1300 738 467


Web address:

Phone: 1300 732 172

Merial Perfect Partners Pet Cover

Web address:

Phone: 1300 668100

RSPCA Pet Insurance

Web address:

Phone: 1300 855150


Web address:

Phone: 1300 855160

Insuranceline Pet Health Plan

Web address:

Phone: 13 88 68

Pet Health Insurance

by Lynette Moore

Having previously worked in an English Practice, one of the main differences I noticed “Down Under” was the lack of insured pets.

It’s a good idea to have your dog or cat insured against un-expected s &/or on-going illnesses as both of these scenarios can prove costly.

The usual regime is that you pay a monthly fee (a premium) & when you need to make a claim you pay a small percentage of the bill (eg- 20%) and the insurance company pays the rest (for example on a $500 bill you pay $100 and the company pays $400).

It’s great peace of mind for you and the Vet as it means your animal can get the best possible care without the worry of cost.

The worst outcome of not having this safeguard is that an animal has to be euthanased purely due to medical costs when this could have been easily avoided had they been insured.

Here are some top tips to help you choose a good policy;

  • Don’t go for cheapest option if the cover isn’t adequate, there is no use paying for insurance if when you go to use it you find it riddled with exclusions.
  • Companies that cover other things like travel and home insurance aren’t always the best bet as they may not be specialised enough to give good veterinary cover.
  • Remember to carefully read the small print and be aware of any ‘clauses’ before committing to a policy.
  • The most common time of your pets life that you’ll need to make a claim is old age but to get ‘lifelong cover’ you must have your pet insured before a certain age (usually about 8 years old).

I hope this points you in the right direction should you decide to look into cover for your pet & that I have managed to spread the word, a little, about pet insurance in Australia.

Believe me, when you need to make a big claim you’ll be very glad you have it!